From “psyzzeria” to “pedilove” via “doga”, Anaïs Touchot's environment are the results of the meeting between two spaces with usually distant uses (the psychoanalyst's office and the pizzeria, the footbath and the love hotels). These installations, reproduced for the exhibition in the form of models, gather dogs who love yoga, cats who sell their sweetness, and an audience whose status oscillates between spectator and customer. It can thus be offered to enjoy a fountain of youth in an open bar; to get a manicure inspired by masterpieces of modern art, or to shop in the lingerie or funeral department of a shopping center of odds and ends. Using recycled materials, the artist constructs all of the environments - from furniture to signage - which will welcome visitors. Everything is designed in order to create interactions with the public invited to engage in a conversation with the artist so that she carries out their portrait on a pizza dough, or to immerse his/ her face in the "facial sauna". Through a multitude of indications and interjections directly written on the wall or painted on wooden panels, the artist plays - in her addresses to the public - with the marketed language that inhabits shopping centers or spaces dedicated to the well-being.

Elsa Vettier, 2021
Frac Bretagne - Art Norac Award 2021 : The Nominees


A salvaging and recycling enthusiast, Anaïs Touchot draws the material for her works from the ordinary and the existent.
The materials she uses (particularly wood) adapt to a repetition of gestures that answer a dynamics of continuous renewal and a process of doing, undoing, and redoing, in an act of deliberate performance. Her works grant the body a singular position – that of the artist in action (Si j'étais démolisseur [If I was a demolisher], Surfer un arbre [Surfing a tree]), as well as that of the viewer invited to participate in one form or another (Ça sentait la poiscaille [It smelt of fish], La Universidad del Amor). Anaïs Touchot sees her relationship to art as a challenge that she embarks on as if on an adventure, fuelled by encounters and contexts, and developed with a clear form of reserve.
Morgane Estève, 2018

Anaïs Touchot is a builder, and one that respects the previous lives of her materials. Directed by the search for an informal economy, she connects her works to their location and sometimes encourages a curious, nosy audience, even during production. Sometimes, she works closely to the street, bene- fiting from a mutual influence, seizing the street's substance, it sociability and inevitable instinct for territory.
While most of her installations are ephemeral, the reactions that they encourage are not. Visitors are here to touch and feel, to make use of and to become essential parts of the works – whether a gym or an alternative center for relaxation. What Anaïs creates, in fact, are not installations, but spaces of encounter, in which bridges between body and mind over- come the esthetics of it. In reality, works are often made as a tool for her to meet people and share moments

Daniela Palimariu, 2019