By approaching painting through its many definitions and utilising the extremely varied possibilities that the medium offers, including in its margins, Flora Moscovici brings out the pictorial depth of the spaces in which she is invited to perform.

Awkward brushstrokes, dirtyish smudges, and the magical glow and domestic aspect of mural painting are as many combined elements that could help define her artistic research.
“We do not live in neutral, white spaces”, Flora Moscovici likes to remind us. And so she applies colours with a brush or spray gun in subtle gradations from floor to ceiling. In doing so, she simultaneously covers up and reveals our surroundings and their uses by blurring the lines between art and interior design.

Her paintings alter our perception of space and bring forth various temporalities – of the pictorial gesture, of the site's heritage, and of the history of painting, between sacredness and vernacularity.

“Creating a shift, crossing the line into the setting, making a mockery or playing innocent, poking fun at aesthetic ideals, pushing materials to their limits, juggling pop culture references, throwing people off balance: Joachim Monvoisin's work follows a whimsical logic that factors in the escape routes that art is likely to provide. From architecture to quantum physics, from the western genre to illuminati blogs, his work holds the world in an oblique embrace, and thus escapes any strict designation – referentiality – to enter the realm of speculative evocation. Voyage, voyage.”

Excerpt from a text by Eva Prouteau, written on the occasion of the exhibition Le principe d'incertitude, Centre d'art de Pontmain, 2016.