Les Frères Ripoulain is a French artists duo founded in 2006 in Rennes, France.David Renault was born in 1979, he lives in Rennes, France, and works in France.Mathieu Tremblin was born in 1980, he lives in Strasbourg, France and works in Europe.

They are members of Free Art and Technology Lab (F.A.T.), 2014-2015.
They are members of Documents d'artistes en Bretagne since 2012.
They are members of FRAAP since 2012.

Under the pseudonym of Les Frères Ripoulain, the duo of French artists David Renault and Mathieu Tremblin work since 2006 in fallow areas of the city and develop urban actions focus on notions like counterfeiting, neglect and degradation, autonomous and spontaneous expression, cryptic language and civil disobedience.