My artistic research is based on codes and stereotypes linked to landscape in our contemporary societies. I studied what makes a landscape and how standardisation and normalisation take part in our daily lives. I've been developping these problematics in exhibtions such as "Paysages d'intérieur" and "Fiction souterraine". I consider landscape as double-sided. It is an underground phenomenon and at the same time it requests a comprehension of surfaces. I see it as both geological and topographical. This echoes to my background in geology and graphic design. ("Géologie d'intérieur", "Géo-biologie de salle de bain").

 In my work, I try to draw a line between art and the scientific world. I use and assemble standard materials by applying (precised) gestures such as cleaning, transforming, burning, melting, sanding and polishing. When I experiment with cooper or steel for example, the way I treat their surface during polishing feels for me as restaging the actions of a welder. Irisations resulting from repeatingly heating these metals offer a new reading to them. By testing these materials, I want to suggest their decorative and domestic potentials (Une présence fantôme, The Medium is the message, Nature morte n°1).

 My pieces bring to mind a parallel between the geological world, the formal garden (french gardening) and the displacement of the matter («Les à-côtés», Voyage stationnaire). Some of them use the virtual codes of representation (Cloud, Circonvolution souterraine, Le Fabricatoire de paysages, Pièces d'intérieur). In other pieces I play with the notion of dematerialisation of the landscape and the image according to the digital age. Our link to the screens is a notion developed in most of my recent pieces such as Une présence fantôme, The Medium is the message, Cinéma néo-Renaissance, Écran de veille, Cloud Jungle.