General references
There is a section on my bookshelves which is full of books about the sea. It must represent some part of me that is absent in reality. I never seem to touch the books now, but I always know they are there. The titles range from 'The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket' to 'More Scottish Fishing Craft' to 'Dover Strait Pilot 1971' to stories of seagoing heroics both real and imagined.
Sea life nearly became a reality for me once. It was at a time when I was in my first year at Gravesend School, of Art. It was a small art school in my home town which had views across the Thames to Tilbury docks from the studio windows. After one particularly grey morning of life drawing I felt quite restless and hurried home at lunchtime to tell my mother of my imminent plan to go to sea. I would sign on as a cabin boy and start a new life. She reassuringly put no obstacle in my way as her own father and brother were seamen and so I left straight away for the town ferry to cross to Tilbury. Unfortunately or otherwise, I'll never know, there was a brief slump in the shipping industry at that time and after visiting a number of shipping offices there seemed to be no jobs to be had. I got much advice from well meaning shipping staff during this tour, but while waiting in the cafe for my ferry back, I saw two Royal Navy sailors who had a parrot with them in a cage. I asked them what it was like in the navy and their response was profusely negative with crushing invectives as to why I shouldn't join up. I decided to call it a day. I went back to the life room, picked up my pencil and carried on with the drawing which I had left only a few hours before.

Ron Haselden. 9th March 2000

Book List-A selection-Bibliomania
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